Working principle of photoelectric direct reading remote water meter.

At present, there are two kinds of direct reading tables in the market, namely, direct reading table for shooting and direct reading table for reflection. Over-light holes are left on the jet wheel, light emitting tubes are installed on one side of the wheel and photosensitive tubes are installed on the other side. The light emitted by the light-emitting tube is irradiated to the light-sensitive tube through the light-emitting hole, and the light-sensitive tube is used for photoelectric conversion to obtain the corresponding signal potential. The number of light holes and each set of light tubes is designed after strict calculation, turning the word wheel, in the reading 0-9 each position, the location and number of light-sensitive tubes are different, coding. The reflection type direct reading table works the same principle, the difference is that the word wheel does not make the light hole, but printing the reflection bar code in the outer ring of the word wheel. The light emitted by the luminous tube is not directly illuminated to the photosensitive tube, but reflected to the photosensitive tube through the reflection bar code.

  1. Advantages of traditional card tables
  1. To solve the difficulties of household meter reading, meter reading staff; to solve the IC card supervision inconvenience, multiple card sales software exist, fake card, fake card phenomenon. Management difficulties. Photoelectric direct reading water meter advantage point "remote meter reading"
  2. To solve the problem of inaccurate meter reading, the advantages of photoelectric direct reading meter
  3. Complex wiring solution, advantages of photoelectric direct reading water meter "M-BUS wiring"
  4. Solve 24 hours power supply, data loss after power failure, short life of backup battery, advantages of photoelectric direct reading water meter "meter without power supply"
  5. To solve the problem of large number of collectors, large amount of maintenance, the need for external power supply, photoelectric direct reading water meter features "manual centralized meter reading without external power supply"