Rotor Type Water Meter

Rotor type water meter is a kind of speed type water meter, which is the most widely used water meter in the world.


In the national standard, the speed type water meter is defined as a kind of water meter which is installed in a closed pipe and is composed of a power element and is directly moved by the water velocity. When the water flows through the water meter, the impeller (rotor or screw wing) is driven to rotate, and the flow velocity is directly proportional to the impeller speed. Because the cross-sectional area of the nozzle at the impeller driven by water is constant, the impeller speed is also directly proportional to the flow. Through the linkage parts on the impeller shaft connected with the counting mechanism, the counting mechanism accumulates the number of revolutions of the impeller (rotor or screw wing), so as to record the water quantity through the water meter.


1、 Multi beam water meter


Multi flow (East) water meter: when water flows through the water meter, there are multiple streams of water flowing around the impeller box to drive the impeller to rotate. The nominal diameter of this kind of water meter is generally 15mm ~ 150mm.


The rotor multi beam water meter is composed of a case, a middle cover, a glass, a sealing gasket, a metering mechanism, a counting mechanism and a water filter net. After the water flow impacts the impeller, the impeller starts to rotate, and the number of turns is accumulated through the counting mechanism, and the water flow through the water meter is recorded and displayed.


1. Cover in shell and watch glass


The watch case, the middle cover, the watch glass and the sealing washer form a sealing body, so that the measured water in the watch case will not leak to the outside. According to the national standard, the water meter should be able to withstand the pressure test of 1.6Mpa for 15min and 2.0MPa for 1min. Therefore, the case, middle cover and glass should meet the above requirements.


The case is usually made of gray cast iron (HT 150, see GB 9436-1988) or cast lead brass (zcuzn40pb2, see GB 176-1987). The middle cover is made of cast lead brass (zcuzn40pb2, see GB 1176-1987). Toughened glass conforming to JB / T 8480-1996 shall be used for the watch glass.


2. Design organization


The measuring mechanism is mainly composed of gear box, impeller box, integral impeller, tip, adjusting plate, etc. The metering mechanism is the "heart" of the water meter, which plays a key role in the metering performance and durability of the water meter.