NB-IOT Water Meter

The advanced wireless transmission technology is used to realize the remote collection of remote water meter, concentrator and computer, without wiring, the construction is simple and convenient, and the difficult problem of meter reading is effectively solved.


◆  Remote water meter using meter wireless network, signal no gap coverage, no blind spot.


◆  Valve anti-rust function design, automatic switch valve 2 times a month.


◆ Frequency automatic calibration technology: automatically adjust the operation parameters, effectively avoid the frequency offset caused by environmental changes, and achieve ultra-high reading model.


◆ Electromagnetic wave wake-up technology: wake up the target intelligent meter in the communication state when reading the meter, automatically restore to the ultra-low power consumption state after the meter reading, save energy and reduce consumption.


◆  A variety of meter reading methods can be selected, according to different needs of wireless meter reading system and hand-held meter reading system.


◆ Timing upload and real-time upload two modes of optional design to meet different customers to achieve different results.


◆  High waterproof grade design, protection grade up to IP68;


◆ Adopt American Semtech company communication chip, with high performance, low power consumption and other characteristics;