Irrigation Water Meter —— the First Water Meter Choice for Modern Agricultural Irrigation Industry

  Why Irrigation Water Meter  

When it comes to water flow measurements, there are various types of water flow meters, for example, turbine water meter, electromagnetic flow meter, ultrasonic water meter, volumetric water meter, etc. However, most types listed before are not suitable for irrigation industry in aspects of special water conditions as well as low-cost requirements, for instance, the impeller of turbine water meter is completely submerged in the dirty water with high levels of impurities, which is more likely to cause blockage and affect irrigation water supply. In order to solve the urgent problem, people developed irrigation water meter that has an anti-clogging measuring structure. Also, the production cost of irrigation water meter is much less than regular turbine water meter.

  Product Advantages  

The agricultural irrigation water meter manufactured by our company can also satisfy numerous farms’ needs. According to the picture below, compared with regular turbine water meters, the measuring unit of irrigation water meter not only protects the impeller from impurities, but also ensures largest water flow through the meter body as it faces least resistance from rotary parts of the meter, in other words, it makes the water flow rates outside and inside of the meter as much consistent as possible. Furthermore, the irrigation water meter is more cost-effective than other types of water meter, because different sizes of irrigation water meter uses the same lower part of the mechanism (refers to the measuring unit except from the register).