Prepaid Water Meter

The valve part uses an electric double-force ball valve as a pilot valve to push the patented self-standing hydraulic wide-body diaphragm main valve switch. Both the small valve and the flow guiding part are made of copper and stainless steel for a longer service life. The controller uses large-scale industrial-grade integrated circuits, advanced SMT processes, and code-based prepaid control. The product realizes advanced functions such as long life, anti-attack, anti-interference and network management.



Self-supporting pilot structure, the guide valve can be opened without large torque, and the main valve can be operated only by the hydraulic pressure of the valve itself, solving the problem of no large power supply in the large surface well.

Guide valve uses floating ball valve principle, has changed the original needle valve structure to ensure that the guide valve will not block, not failure to ensure the normal opening of thousands of times.

The guiding valve adopts duplex principle, which can prevent backflow of water at the back end when the water pressure drops at the front end, and has slow closing check function.    

The main valve uses the American diaphragm valve automatic control principle, thus ensuring that the main valve will not be stuck, to correct the shortcomings of the piston valve.

Large and wide flow passage in the main valve ensures large flow flux and small pressure loss.

Emergency valve opening function: when the valve is closed, it can manually open the valve with water. The operation method is simpler than the second generation to use, as long as the emergency valve above the lead seal removed, with three small hexagon hands clockwise rotation, to turn the water can be achieved when the emergency valve (the operation process will spray water attention to avoid blocking).

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